Abdul Abdullah

[image: Ulysses (2017) Archival print]

Abdul Abdullah is an artist from Perth, currently based in Sydney, who works across painting, photography, video, installation and performance. As a self described ‘outsider amongst outsiders’, his practice is primarily concerned with the experience of the ‘other’ in society. Abdullah’s projects have engaged with different marginalized minority groups and he is particularly interested in the experience of young Muslims in the contemporary multicultural Australian context. Through these processes and explorations Abdullah extrapolates this outlook to an examination of universal aspects of human nature.

For enquiries about any of the work please contact Yavuz Gallery at info@yavuzgallery.com

Instagram: @abdul_abdullah

Current projects:

Infinite Conversations
National Gallery of Australia, Canberra

Enough, Khalas
UNSW Galleries, Sydney

Sulman Prize
Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney

DIASPORA: Exit, Exile, Exodus of Southeast Asia
MAIIAM Contemporary Art Museum, Thailand

Upcoming projects

Volta Art Fair, Basel
Yavuz Gallery