Abdul Abdullah

Abdul Abdullah is an artist from Perth, currently based in Sydney, who works across painting, photography, video, installation and performance. As a self described ‘outsider amongst outsiders’, his practice is primarily concerned with the experience of the ‘other’ in society. Abdullah’s projects have engaged with different marginalized minority groups and he is particularly interested in the experience of young Muslims in the contemporary multicultural Australian context. Through these processes and explorations Abdullah extrapolates this outlook to an examination of universal aspects of human nature.

For enquiries about any of the work please contact Fehily Contemporary at ask@fehilycontemporary.com.au or visit their website at www.fehilycontemporary.com.au


Current projects:

Here & Now 16
April 2016
Lawrence Wilson Gallery (WA)

Fraud Complex (Next Wave Festival)
May 2016
Westspace (VIC)

Upcoming projects

Basil Sellers Prize
July 2016
Ian Potter (VIC)

Painting, more painting
July 2016
Australian Centre of Contemporary Art (VIC)